NDP 09!!! ;D

Here comes the time of the year where every Singaporean would mark their calendars. Yes, it is the 9th of August which is NATIONAL DAY or better known as NDP! This coming 9th August 2009 is when Singapore turns 44th and it reminds us that Singapore has been independent for 44th years.

I have always enjoyed watching National day over the Channel 5, Channel 8 or even Channel U which was always a LIVE broadcast by MediaCorp from the Singapore Indoor Stadium. However, I would very much love to be LIVE at the Indoor Stadium more than watching over on the television because I would be able to feel the tremors and the impact of the fireworks that is being set off right above me.

That was a most unforgettable experience for me when I went for the Rehearsal show when I was Primary 5. Those songs reminded me of my childhood times as I sang along at home in front of the television screen. I remember that there was one time during my primary school life that my whole cohort was to learn a dance for the theme song “Where I Belong” for NDP conducted by the dancers of NDP during that time. They made effort to come down to my Primary School with their “Easy-to-Learn” dance steps. True enough, the “Easy-to-Learn” dance steps were simple enough to learn and understand.

Every year, there would be a different singer that is chosen to sing the theme song for NDP. Some artist that I would remember being part of the NDP were Stefanie Sun who was Singapore’s very own home grown singer that has been so successful, Joi Chua, Tanya Chua and Kit Chan. Besides those professional singers, the other people singing were the Choir that sings harmoniously in unison, they sing for ever rehearsal NDP and the main NDP that is being aired. Their harmonious spirit and preserved trainings begets a great singing experience for us as the audience. I feel that is a real satisfaction for any singer of performer to be able to make their audience satisfied with their performance and to receive a well deserved applause and cheer at the end of their performance.

The costumes were also another aspect that was fascinating. The bright coloured outfits that the performers wear every year gets more flamboyant and colourful. The costumes and the choreographed dance steps all had a linkage to signify Singapore’s independence on that very day.

Not forgetting the live gun shooting scene by the army. The gun shots from the rifles and the tanks were all simply eye-catching because we do not get to see a rifle every day, not to mention even seeing a tank in our daily lives, so at that very moment, the rifle show was very impressive to me.

The air show by the Singapore Air Force was the part that I was most amazed by every single year when I catch NDP. No doubt that I could not be LIVE in the Singapore Indoor stadium every NDP, however the loud noise that the jets produce could be heard from anywhere and every part of Singapore. This was significant to me because the loud noise acts as a shout-out by Singapore that she would continue to live on independently on her own.

The National Day Parade would always be a significant part of my life because I am proud to be a Singaporean and keeping Singapore up and living is every Singaporean’s responsibility.

Therefore, we should always treasure every NDP be it past, present or future because it only happens once a year and every year would be different from the previous. Hence, we should all celebrate and enjoy together as proud Singaporeans.

FUN @ Paul's CELL
So, it was the ever boring Saturday.
After Church, i made a trip to HMV @ HEERENS and HMV @ CityLink. Nothing much though, so i made my way to my Secondary school to join Paul at for his Church CELL group. ON my way there, Paul called and told me that he will be waiting were bus 31 is. To my surprise, I saw Calvin there too! Never really talked much in the past, but he is really friendly. See, without THAT person, i'm more Open to other friends whom i don't know. So we took Bus 31 to the Secondary school's back gate and alighted. Walked to the School field. Still didn't change much.
Many of the CELL group friends were already there. I made friends really quickly! lol
I was allocated to group RED because i was with Paul. My other group members were Anna(Group Leader),Joel,Paul,Calvin,Eunice and another guy that came later on.
Anna and I spoke a lot to each other, she is already in the University! I asked her if it must be very difficult to study in the Uni. She said that there was a lot of Projects to be done.
There were 3 main activities and later on, there will be Mass games together.
So our first game was NET BALL. Never really played Net Ball before,but it was really enjoyable despite all the Rules. Crystal really had a hard time explaining all the rules to us including the position where we must be at. The score was really bad because our team Lost. lol
0 to 5? lol.....While playing, i also made another friend from the other team. Her name was Naomi, we have something in common. That is Don't really like Sports alot. LOL
So just tried. Kind of blur when the ball came to me. At least, i didn't pass the ball to the wrong team mate. The score was out! Still LOST,lol....0 to 4. Anna and I kept laughing together about the score!
Fret Not because there was the 3rd and final game, FRISBEE! My favorite!
Never played with Paul Frisbee before hahaha So we practiced with each other. Joel set out on the game. Poor Anna, because she was the only girl in our team, so she couldn't seat out in any of the games.
The score was out for Frisbee and our team got 3 to 8....At least not a ZERO but still lost...LOL
ON with the Mass games! There was Skipping,Hula Hoops,Push-ups and Chan-Teh! lol
Melissa was very good in skipping because she could skip in MANY patterns OMG....Cross skip,Hopping skip,Reverse skip....So many types...
The Highlight of the Mass games was the Push-Ups when all the guys did AS MANY PUSH-UPS as possible. Paul was the winner!!! He did 102 Push-ups~!!! Beating the other guys record of 100! You go babe! lol
So thanks to Paul, our team wasn't last but 2nd last!
Really enjoyed the time spent with the new friends i know!

Hope to go out soon!

Great Day out wif Paul and the Rest!
Saturday has always been one of my most Boring dayz,But now i've found a new Activity! its to hang out with Paul and the "Ah Long"-TEO haha,Along with Alexxsauras,Sam,Wei Quan(if he comes) and Daniel.Its also my first time not out wif my good friend-Ben Shu.I would also like to have a change also and not to always go out wif him alone,No dout that he his my Best Friend,but i would like to have many onther Good Friends too.I didn't go for the BORING founder's day at school coz i didn't have a prize to collect.
Yet another day at STARBUCKS @ Wheelock,i was always the earliest there,then here comes Alexxsauras! We sat and chatted about stuffz like iPhones and other stuffz.After 30mins later(If i'm right) comes paul,Sam and Wei Quan(haha M.O.).We started doin Maths paper 2! Paul came to borrow $5 but i didn't have 5 so i lent him a 10 then.He came back wif a Caramel thingy! He asked me to try it but i didn't like Coffee,then he didn't force me.Our tables were like far apart,so Alex and i shifted to the Comfy area juz beside their table! Every 30 mins they would have to pause for a Cigratte,OMG then they asked me to look after their Bags! I asked if iwas their Maids isit??? Then paul said "Nvm lah u our friend what!".Soon after,they left for lunch WITHOUT ME!! BUTBUTBUT...I didn't tell them that i didn't have Lunch until we went to Lido that i announced that i haven't had Lunch,paul was like Scolding the Rest "FUCK YOU PEOPLE LAH,EVERYTIME LEAVE LOVEL AND NOW HE DIDN'T HAVE LUNCH" then he added on "NVM I STILL LOVE YOU!" I was like WTF! I'm juz your Friend don't have to say until like that right? But he does this to all his friends though(EXCEPT WQ).Not to forget,everyone asked me to sniff Wei Quan's Mouth coz i said that there isn't any Terrible Smell,SERIOUSLY WEI QUAN YOUR BREATH ISN'T AS STINK AS DONALDs His Is MUCHMUCH Worser! Oh Yeah Wei Quan still Owez me $5 too,coz he wanted to buy some kind of Japo Egg wif noodles! But we were at Lido not Takashimaya! Everyone felt Guilty on that day becoz they feel like they have left me every now and then,makin me seem like a loner! LOL Due to me skipping Lunch,I bought a Cheese burger and a McFlurry,Ate the Burger and gave half the McFlurry to paul coz i have to eat Dinner wif my parents later on so i better not eat too much HAHA!.Mandy came not long after and she didn't seem TTTOOO Stuck up like Be4 coz she knew how to say "HELLO" and i get turned OFF when people don't say "Hi" or "Bye",i would feel that they are Uneducated!
It was Nearly 8pm when paul sent Sam off,and he told us to wait for him to return.Soon after,my Bro called and said "Mahjongs done at the House!" I was shocked coz i didn't expect My Parents to finish Mahjong so quickly! Hence,i told TEO the Ah Long that i gtg,so he and Alex said Bye(Educated people,HAHA) Wei Quan was no where to be seen,Paul went to have a puff wif Sam be4 sending him Off. After,i SMSed TEO to remind paul to bring the 10 he owez me on Monday,O$P$ hor HAHA!

Another Post
Haha Today i had my Oz EL Oral and i did wonderfully great! The reading aloud part was Fantastic as i read without any Flaws! The 2 examiners were like my own friendz! haha....Still have prelims up coming....Will ace in my Studies!

Hah...Juz created a LiveJournal Acc...
I dunno why i've created this account for actually! LOL Becoz i got a Blogger account alr!
Go see it for more info on me or my friendster lah!
Blog Website: www.lovellayu.blogspot.com
Friendster: www.friendster,com/lovellayu

I update my blog and revamp it frequently though! haha....
i think i created this account becoz of Mr.Paul ng haha!
Dun worry i will try to update it freqently...

So for Now! BYE!


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